Mivrag full cycle fast and efficient manufacturing includes product development, forming, various secondary operations, heat treatment, coating, testing, logistics and final JIT delivery to the customer. Mivrag has a broad range of capabilities and comprehensive experience in all aspects of automotive product development, from concept to design and to all stages of manufacturing.

ייצור בורג בתוכנת מחשב
קרטון יצוא של ברגים
Following the cold-forming process, secondary operations are performed as per our customers needs. Mivrag offers various types of secondary operations such as Machining, Drilling, Inside threading, Milling, Pointing, thread rolling, cutting, grinding, tapping. The wide spectrum of modern machines enables us to achieve specific tailor-made solutions while maintaining high precision and minimum waste for high volume production.
ברגים ואומים מיוחדים
ברגים ואומים
עיבוד משני - ערגול, הברזה, חריטה, קידוח
קשיח בטכנולוגיית כבישה קרה
עיבוד משלים לאחר תהליך הכבישה

Surface Treatment

Specific tailor-made solutions for high quality surface – Shot pinning/ Sand blast, Polishing.

Cataphooretic plating line

Specific tailor-made solutions for high quality surface – Shot pinning/ Sand blast, Polishing.

Heat Treatment

Continuous state of the art furnace for neutral hardening and carburizing. Safedtm.

Zinc coating lines

2 barrel lines. Zinc, zinc-iron, zinc-nickel, zinc-phosphate. Stainless steel passivation.

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All lines are equipped with advanced ecological and environmental systems that comply with Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001:2015).

Advanced technology for optimal quality performance


100% visual machine sorting.
100% Manual sorting department for top level parts.


Clean rooms for supplying parts according cleanliness standards without particles larger than 150 µ.


Mivrag successfully designs, builds and implements automated assembly machines according to specific customer requirements.

Outstanding quality and continuous improvement serve as key objectives shared by the entire Mivrag team. Mivrag’s ability to consistently deliver the highest level of quality, coupled with competitive pricing and optimum service, has attained the company international recognition for outstanding performance in the automotive industry.