Mivrag Supplier Quality Requirements M104a

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  1. Quality Management System
    • Supplier certification: All suppliers shall be ISO-9001:2015 or IATF 16949 or AS9120 / AS9100 certified.
    • Mivrag’s suppliers are subjected to yearly performance evaluation (Quality and OTD). Supplier performance rating below the accepted level will result a request for improvement plan.
  2. Certificate of Conformance
    • The parts shall be supplied according to customer requirements accompanied by a COC that shall include the PO details, product details and declaration of conformance.
  3. Marking:
    • Parts/materials shall be marked according to the applicable drawing or specifications and by applicable standard.
    • Every package shall have a label stating the product, supplier name and quantity.
    • Applicable reports shall be attached to every shipment.
  4. Approval of deviations
    • The supplier shall notify the customer and request approval for any change in the product or production process (including change in supplier or transfer of work)
    • The supplier shall notify the customer of any nonconformance in the production processes applicable to the order.
    • A supplier who wishes to receive a waiver or deviation approval shall submit a written request. The request will be checked by the customer and approved according to applicability.
  5. Packaging, transportation and Foreign Object Damage (FOD):
    • The supplier must ensure that no damage will occur during transportation, production and storage stages.
    • Packaging shall ensure no corrosion and mechanical damages.
    • Packaging shall ensure a fast and certain parts counting verification.
    • Products shall be inspected for identifying and FOD prior to their packaging.
    • If a packing specification was defined by the final customer, the parts shall be packed according to the final customer requirements.
  6. Traceability
    • Materials and Products shall be supplied from one manufacturing lot traceable to the Test certification/COC.
    • The parts shall be supplied from one lot number. If the parts supplied are from different manufacturing lots – the packages and documentation shall be separated.
  7. Right of entry:
    • Mivrag, their representatives, and their customer’s government/regulatory agencies shall have the right of entry into a supplier’s facility or that of their subcontractors.
  8. Corrective actions:
    • Supplier shall get deviation report in the event of identified deviation at the customer. The report must be filled correctly and include proof for corrective action (that shall prevent deviation occurrence).
    • The report shall be submitted to Mivrag within 10 days at most.
  9. Records retention:
    • Records retention period shall be according to the final customer requirements.
    • Unless otherwise specified quality records shall be retained for 7
    • Supplier shall request customer approval for destruction of records after the retention period.
  10. Flow down of requirements to sub-contractors:
    • The supplier shall not transfer the work to a subcontractor unless approved by Mivrag quality manager.
    • It is the supplier responsibility to flow down all applicable requirements determined by Mivrag or the final customer to sub-contractors and suppliers.
  11. Configuration management
    • The supplier shall manage a control of configuration of drawings and specification to assure the use of the correct document revisions according to the order requirements.
    • Changes in order requirements shall be managed according to AS9100 standard.
    • Unless otherwise specified, the drawing requirements precede to the model requirements (if supplied).
  12. Raw Materials:
    • Raw materials approval: for materials used for Aerospace and defense, C.O.A certification from a western origin according to formal order is required.
    • For parts intended for RAFAEL, ELBIT or IAI, original validation certificated shall be sent.
    • The customer shall approve materials for aerospace customers without original validation approval prior to the shipment.
    • The raw material shall be supplied from one heat number.
  13. Manufactured Parts
    • FAI – unless otherwise specified, FAI shall be performed for first production of a new part or after implementation of production change according to AS9102 requirements.
    • The quality manager shall not perform changes to production process, suppliers or products without written approval.
    • Unless otherwise specified by the final customer, the sampling method for final inspection is according to SQUEGLIA, AQL 2.5%.
  14. Special Processes:
    • Processes shall be performed at subcontractors approved by Mivrag and the final customers only.
    • Although subcontractors perform the work, the responsibility for product quality, tests and documents is the suppliers’.
    • If required by the customer or by Mivrag, the parts shall be supplied with accompanying samples.
    • According to requirements of the customer, drawing, applicable specification or the final customer, thermal treatment or hydrogen embrittlement shall be performed – a report and graph shall be supplied with the parts.
  15. Rigid and Catalog Parts:
    • Rigid parts shall be supplied with a COC matching the order requirements; the report shall include the manufacturer name and lot number of the parts.
    • Only one production lot shall provide the parts.
    • Glues and paints: On each package, the manufacturing date, shelf life and storage requirements shall be stated. Temperature, humidity or other limited shelf life conditions shall be stated for all parts supplied in the order.
    • Remaining shelf life shall be at least 80%.
  1. Counterfeit parts and materials:
    • In order to minimize the risk for the supply of counterfeit parts or materials, the supplier shall meet the following requirements:
      • The supplier is an authorized distributor.
      • The supplier shall maintain a Quality management system according to requirements of AS 9120/AS 9100 /ISO 9001/ ISO/TS 16949.
      • The supplier shall establish and maintain a method to assure traceability of the supply chain of the parts/materials supplied from the manufacturer to the customer. The purchasing traceability shall include; factors involved in the supply chain, from the origin distributor until the direct source of purchase.
      • The supplier shall attach an original COC supplied by the manufacturer.
  1. Awareness:
    • The supplier is required to train employees regarding their effect on the quality of the products, product safety and importance of ethical behavior.